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CAD Integration

Import job data from CAD software quick and easy quotations.

Import job data effortlessly for quick and accurate quotations.

CRM Solution

Deliver great customer service with Toog’s CRM features.

Build strong connections with customers ensuring satisfaction at every step.

Quotation Management

Win more jobs by efficiently managing your customers quotes

Highlight your brand with personalised and flexible quotes.

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We’ve created Toog to help make things easier for you. Use Toog to streamline your business structure and make life easier for your whole team.


Fully Customizable Quotes

Add only the information you want to display on your quotes. Add your logo. Customize your quotes to suit your business perfectly.

Calculates Number of Sheets

To make things easy for you, Toog uses a block nesting algorithm to calculate the number of sheets you require for a job. See your nesting sheet patterns and price per sheet for accurate quoting.

Sample nest from Toog Software
CabMaster Import

Customize CAD Imports

Import the information that you require. Bring in just basic cabinetry info or every detail down to the last screw. Importing into Toog is fully customizable to make things easier for you.

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With extensive experience working in the manufacturing industry, our team knows exactly how difficult it can be to keep everything in order. That’s why we’ve created Toog to make it easy for you. Don’t stress about what job is next – Toog has got you covered.

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